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There is no contact information for this website at this time. Sorry about that.

One way to reach MIM-Orchid, the producer of Proletarian Internationalist Notes (PINotes), would be to publish something in public in the hope that MIM-Orchid finds it. This website does not have a focus on line struggle, polemic or individual conversation with others, however. Reddit is scanned for “pinotes” weekly for feedback and submissions that must be posted in public and should be anonymous. Submissions are assumed to be in the public domain. Any reply will be on this site or expressed in an article of substance. Answers are often found in archives of old MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) material.

MIM-Orchid reads various websites, but there is no guarantee as to when or how much. So, MIM-Orchid might miss an item it might have found interesting. MIM-Orchid’s non-acknowledgment does not mean MIM-Orchid does not agree with, appreciate or respect something or someone. It could be that MIM-Orchid didn’t see it, or that MIM-Orchid has a particular focus here.

If it has nothing to do with agitation, news, analysis, or culture reviews, you should ask yourself why you want to contact MIM-Orchid and whether you really need to. There is much studying a persyn could do on eir own. Many people underestimate themselves and want to engage in rapid interaction with leaders, or a trickle of dialogue with people not perceived to be further ahead when there are books or webpages they could read first. They want to have that kind of contact instead of doing the patient independent studying that those with unfettered access to the Internet, libraries, and the postal system, are able to do. Learning from experiences in organizations with known flaws, not led by any organization claiming to be revolutionary or even liberals necessarily, is another possibility. Such activities need to be done when there is no party around you keeping its head above water in the face of exploiter labor aristocracy and petty-bourgeois influence.

Communist parties are made up of scientists, of people who can be leaders themselves. In the First World, communist leaders educate themselves. In the Third World, if there is no genuine Maoist party around, again, incipient communist leaders educate themselves. At the same time, there are many things one could do besides trying to built a party or cell, which is not called for all the time or where most are concerned. Small targeted efforts to influence public opinion can be effective, for example. Taking what you read in the newsletter and spreading or applying it in agitation, while practicing appropriate caution, can make a difference. For that matter, all those fighting imperialism should consider what they are doing about security and properly weigh short- and long-term goals keeping in mind the requirements of underground organizations. Rushing to contact people on the Internet isn’t good in a great many contexts.

There is a real and important difference between building a party, and building public opinion for the proletariat to seize power. Knowing this difference affects what MIM-Orchid does and should inform what everyone does even if ey are building a new or non-party organization. The difference has always been substantial, but the difference is especially crucial in imperialist countries without a sizeable proletariat, in which it is very unlikely that the imperialist country communist party itself will be seizing power. (That is apart from those countries with internal semi-colonies, but even there there is a major bourgeoisification problem, and the party will often play more of a role of assisting an outside force.) Creating or building up a party in the First World could take away from and at times even be in complex contradiction, in terms of sending a wrong message, with the important work of building public opinion and dividing the exploiters.

MIM-Orchid does support united fronts against imperialism, a separate topic from party-building, and suggests how to unite with various non-communists in the pages of PINotes. Figuring out how to unite with non-communists and non-proletarian classes against u$ imperialism doesn’t require having an email address. PINotes does claim to be produced by a Maoist cell (the “Maoist” and “MIM” names being necessary partly because they aren’t in the name of PINotes itself), but PINotes doesn’t purport to be other than an Internet site so some requests or expectations would be inappropriate. At the same time, it would be a mistake to think all aspects of communist practice must be carried out through a website. Some of those appearing (when convenient) not to understand this are involved in baiting for information. Others are just new to these topics and might be easily misled.

MIM-Orchid does appreciate its readers, including its majority-exploiter-country ones despite the harshness some may perceive. Even when a prominent historical or contemporary individual is mentioned, MIM-Orchid’s writing has to do with whole classes and groups of people. In Karl Marx’s time, some individual capitalists could be communists so nobody needs to feel offended on a persynal level about anything Marxists are saying in 2016 about class structure unless it is to insult your intelligence with deceptive rhetoric or poetry about how First World working classes and middle classes are supposedly proletarian.

If anyone is overly irritated, MIM-Orchid in all seriousness suggests eating healthy, working out, developing better sleeping habits, taking up a new hobby, stopping drug use, experiencing nature, and taking care of an animal. Any number of those things will help more than exchanging some messages with MIM-Orchid would. No doubt some are in particularly great need of stepping back and gaining perspective.

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