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Palestine: Clinton election non-bombshells and real news

November 3, 2016

It gives one who is anti-AmeriKKKan hope to know there are important Amerikans who are so technically ignorant they don’t know checking email from a spouse’s computer in the age of “Ashley Madison” can cause emails to be downloaded or passwords to be saved/recorded. The fact that such people exist isn’t news, however, and they unfortunately also exist among oppressed non-amerikans and other non-amerikans who have conflicts with the United $tates, which has enormous cyber spying capability. Because of their readiness to embrace fascism both “conservative” and “liberal” even when they pay attention to “the issues,” amerikans generally respond in a bad way to revelations even about powerful amerikans.

Maybe Microsoft Outlook was on Anthony Weiner’s computer, and somebody was able to use it to check email without using two-factor authentication or additional cryptography. Other possibilities involve spying. One would have to be stupid to think Clinton’s top aide and eir now-ex spouse wouldn’t have been targeted, like Clinton, by spies belonging to various nations. By the way, Clinton still has a greater-than-70% chance of winning the presidency according to Regardless of Clinton’s current likelihood of winning, Clinton and Huma Abedin have probably both been big intelligence targets for at least a decade and a half now. For Clinton to be in power after being spied on so much and for so long, with inadequate counterintelligence, may require more externalization of threats, more provocations, more blackmailing of non-amerikans, etc., and more repression.

With Weiner’s anatomy being discussed again in the context of Clinton though only indirectly related to Clinton presumably, Democrats sense that pornography is being used against them not too much unlike how Melania Trump’s nudity two decades ago, for example, was used against Trump. Of course, the allegations – some involving what many would easily consider sexual assault today – about Clinton’s spouse have always been about pornography in a certain sense more than they were ever about Christian fascism in particular,(1) unless we are to speak now about “Christian fascist” Democrats trying to take the presidency by denying that Don Juanism or Casanova-ism is as widespread as retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said it was.(2) Flattering whites pornographically to vilify Trump, some have made racist suggestions that it is New Afrikan males and not Euro-Amerikan males typically who privately talk about females in a certain way. The use of pornography against and by Democrats isn’t surprising. The fact that pseudo-feminism advances in amerika by playing dumb and covering for one’s boyfriends isn’t news either. Some of those now speaking of rape culture, who talk out of both sides of their mouth on a variety of topics including pornography, have long upheld and still uphold Western sexual/gender culture. They end up defending behavior they themselves say should be questionable or unacceptable, but is somehow not bad enough to warrant the punishments they reserve for other offenses regardless of what actually works to end them.

Maybe the real bombshell is the Jewish Press audio disclosure about Clinton and Palestinian elections. Recently, it was said in the context of imprisoned intifada hero Marwan Barghouti and Palestinian elections, “If WikiLeaks has little to release that is especially helpful to non-AmeriKKKans at this point in time, maybe it should hold on to embarrassing information until after Clinton is elected.”(3) Apparently, others were unsatisfied with the Podesta emails, and now Iran’s Press TV is saying, “US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had proposed rigging the Palestinian parliamentary elections while she was a US senator in 2006, according to newly emerged tapes” (not from WikiLeaks).(4) “Speaking to media about the January 25, 2006, election for the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority, Clinton lamented that the US did not “determine who was going to win.””

The divulged interview audio became less important to both Democrats and Republicans than other topics of course, but the fact that it has to be The Jewish Press, pro-Trump New York Observer and Drudge Report to draw the most attention to this story is remarkable. That the united $tates interferes with and influences elections is news only to the naive, though. And when amerikans interfere in others’ elections, a fucked-up attitude toward their own elections is inevitable. Some of the Democrats, liberals and pseudo-Marxists who worked in Obama’s CIA and State Department, and under other administrations, no doubt came back and got involved in amerikan politics – with the most patriotic, or careerist or cynical, intentions or reasons in mind.

Just a couple weeks ago, the united $tates was calling Hamas a terrorist organization again without mentioning national reconciliation.(5) The Vatican (the Holy See) at the same open debate in New York was at least able to verbally support Palestinian national unity, specifically “a unity government in the West Bank and Gaza,” without saying Hamas’ name.

The amerikans are having an election, and the Democrats suggest the world should prefer Clinton over Russian/”KGB” candidate Trump. Meanwhile, the Palestinians aren’t having elections, due to amerikkkan-I$raeli colonialism in Palestine. It’s not that the world shouldn’t know who is going to be the next u.$. president and vice president. People need to plan and prepare to influence public opinion against the united $tates. The way to go is to seek probabilistic knowledge and be proved right over a long period of time, not try to gain fame by declaring election outcomes without mentioning major-party nominees’ chances of winning. The Democratic and Republican candidates’ chances of winning are usually both much greater than zero even right before Election Day. Investors and other gamblers are behaving as though both Clinton and Trump have a substantial chance of winning. Various considerations are already priced into the cost of buying “Clinton wins,” “Trump wins, or “McMullin wins,” in gambling and in investment decisions affecting market indicators. As for a question like “who ought to be the President,” nobody should give a rat’s ass. The nations who suggest in polls that they don’t draw big distinctions between amerikans in that way, at least when it comes to the presidency, are right. The attitude for exploited nations like Palestine should be different. Even though there is also a great danger of misplaced hope in elections, in nations dominated by neocolonialism, the Palestinians aren’t even at that level yet; the colonial oppression of Palestine is worse than neocolonialism and yet maintained by neocolonial power the united $tates. Whom Palestinians elect is a matter of self-determination and could make a difference in international class struggle – in a way that an amerikan president with higher global favorability wouldn’t – though any replacement would face pressures similar to what Mahmoud Abbas is subject to. Non-Palestinians shouldn’t be determining Palestinians’ presidents for them, but freeing I$raeli prisoner Marwan Barghouti wouldn’t be foreign interference.

Mohammed Dahlan interview with Ma’an

As for new developments that may come as a surprise to some, U.$. and I$raeli media(6) are reporting on a Palestinian interview(7) of Mohammed Dahlan in which Dahlan emself draws attention to Palestinian public opinion polls. Many considered Dahlan a top non-Hamas contender, after Marwan Barghouti, to replace Abbas. Dahlan not only isn’t seeking the Palestinian presidency, reportedly, but also would support Marwan Barghouti’s candidacy on the basis of surveys Dahlan emself carries out. “Meanwhile, Dahlan asserted that he didn’t have any aspirations to become the next Palestinian president, despite numerous allegations over the years that Israel, as well as some Arab countries, strongly support his accession to power,” Ma’an News Agency said. “Asked about his recent announcement that he would support the candidacy of imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouthi, he responded: “This is a personal belief which I had announced long ago. It also reflects the Palestinian public’s attitude through surveys I carry out, and it is now time to have free elections which the people want.”” Even if Dahlan changes eir mind or is trying to weaken Abbas’ support at a time when Abbas may or may not be doing what ey can to support Barghouti’s freedom, the reporting of Dahlan’s words in Israeli media may contribute to Barghouti’s release.

Though aware of some of the allegations about Dahlan, this writer has nothing to say against Dahlan in particular and has not commented on certain aspects of what’s reportedly going on in Palestine, for a reason. It occurred to this writer a while ago that ending Dahlan’s exile without conditions may help with Barghouti’s own struggle or with an Arab approach to national reconciliation and the two-state solution. It is the kind of idea that one contemplates, but doesn’t vocalize, to avoid the appearance of purporting to lead things in a country one has never been in. Maybe the most some non-Palestinians could say is that Dahlan’s supporters outside Palestine had better also be supporting Barghouti’s freedom. Now that Dahlan emself has reportedly referred to surveys to support a Barghouti candidacy, hopefully there will be less misleading talk in global media about the extent of leadership/unity issues in Palestine. Even if some surveys were to continue to show a split in Palestinian public opinion in terms of preference, it wouldn’t prove a lack of adequate support among Palestinians for a Barghouti presidency or that Palestine’s ability to act on its own behalf is so impaired as to make amerikan so-called leadership desirable.

Which regard to Dahlan’s reported comment about how much money the Palestinian Authority spends on diplomacy, the context is a Palestinian being interviewed in Palestinian media. No non-Palestinian should use that to try to justify opposing or getting in the way of Palestinian diplomacy once Palestinians have already decided to carry it out. Iranians show they also understand that.

The reasons to avoid supporting Marwan Barghouti’s release are decreasing by the week. The fact that more anti-Hamas people, inside and outside government, don’t support Barghouti’s release shows they aren’t serious about Palestinian unity. It seems unlikely Hamas would boycott an election either it or Barghouti would win, but the amerikans are opposed to both a Barghouti victory and a Hamas victory.

Christianity may not really play much of a role in either Democrats’ or Republicans’ attacks, but some Christian institutions do have a role to play in the Middle East. Catholics have interests in Palestine, most obviously in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Bethlehem. The united $tates has only about 5% of the world’s Roman Catholics; the Holy See shouldn’t be beholden to amerikans especially. The Vatican diplomats are verbally to the left of the amerikans right now in terms of some words about Hamas or unity. The Catholics have certain beliefs about punishment in the afterlife, salvation with Abrahamic monotheists, and ability to change in this life, that may make them more open to Muslim Marwan Barghouti’s release regardless of guilt/innocence with respect to the accusations Barghouti faced in a colonial kangaroo court. Nobody wants another war in the Middle East: not the Catholics in the Vatican, not Iran, not Saudi Arabia, and not many Israelis. The hegemonic united $tates takes advantage of conflicts in the Middle East, and that entity has considerably more ability to tolerate another war there than others have. Socialist revolution is temporarily stalled throughout the world because of a complex global economic and political situation, and the united $nakes has no proletariat of its own that could exert any pressure in combination with atheism. The anti-amerikan action of various capitalist states is necessary to liberate the Palestinian nation in a certain stage on the way to finally eliminating the amerikan-I$raeli entity in Palestine.

There is more than one way to interpret Palestinian diplomats’ openly talking with the Iranian government in official Iranian media, as they did with IRNA recently. If the amerikans are hindering the two-state solution too much and the struggle against the united $tates on that front is too complicated with the current approaches and ways of doing things, there are other possibilities involving the Iranians more. Palestinian diplomats would be stupid not to consider them unless they want to be overthrown. ◊

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