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Americans continue to undermine peace as 9/11 anniversary approaches

September 9, 2016

The fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 is almost here. So, of course instead of getting out of the way of others’ peace efforts, Americans are coming up with reasons why another group of Muslims need to be killed(1) in addition to the usual attacks on Iran, still on the U.S. State Department’s “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list and already subject to formal u.$. economic and financial warfare. Successful peace efforts would reduce the “ISIS” issue Americans continue to saber-rattle and warmonger about while attacking countries struggling with militants who prioritize ideological purification over anti-American unity. But Americans are conducting global psychological/influence operations against Russia and Saudi Arabia, two countries that have the potential to pursue peace efforts with less American influence despite those countries’ varying levels of ties with the United States. This has been going on since 2001 with Democrats making their own contributions against Saudi Arabia and Russia. More recently, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and U.S. Green Party nominee Jill Stein unfortunately, have/had been using the issue of Saudi citizenship of some 9/11 attackers as a way to differentiate themselves in a warmongering way from Obama and many Republicans. At the time of this writing, the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act”(2) appears to be imminent.

In terms of the U.$. presidential election, one thing to consider is that if Obama vetoes the bill, it may hurt Clinton’s chances of winning regardless of what Trump does, because Obama’s veto will reflect on Democrats. Some Democrats may not want the bill to pass the House, or they may support it to help Clinton as a Democrat seeking the vote of AmeriKKKans who are against “elites,” “financiers,” and Islam. The Senate already passed JASTA unanimously.

Iran is in an unenviable position under the amerikan-dominated order, and some of its government officials are keeping up rhetoric against Saudi Arabia over 9/11 seemingly at the risk of sowing illusions about so-called ordinary amerikans and their capacity for change.(3) Despite the Iranian rhetoric, this writer believes it unlikely that Israel or Iran have an interest or long-term interest in JASTA’s enactment. That is if they want to overcome amerikan influence in the Middle East that is counterproductive in Middle East peace efforts. Even if JASTA is now weaker than some amerikans would like, its passage and enactment may complicate the Palestine two-state solution that even many Zionist Israelis claim to support, to consolidate and legitimize Israel as a Jewish or Jewish-majority country. On the other hand, if JASTA becomes law or there is other development in contradictions with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Saudi Arabia may end up in a more similar position with respect to the united $tates and vis-à-vis Russia as a rival of that country.

Several months ago, it was observed, “there is a potential for Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and the ‘global bankers’ the liberal nationalists at the New York Times disdain, to do things together that diverge from what the Amerikans want” (“U.S. Democrats, Greens keep things simmering with Saudi Arabia”). Since then, China and Russia have appeared in the media as seeking increased economic ties with all three countries(4) – Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia – with some discussion of both countries playing a moderating role in conflicts. In the improvement of ties with Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Egypt,(5) China and Russia may contribute to the emergence of economic and political conditions favorable to the two-state solution. Various capitalists and capitalist countries have more interest in Middle East peace than the united $tates does. Meanwhile, Iran, while pushing an anti-amerikan message even in its criticism of Saudi Arabia, has repeatedly noted that perpetuating conflict in the Middle East is actually a u.$. policy.(6) Iran’s defense minister said recently that it was part of the amerikans’ strategy to “create a situation to fan the flames of instability in the region and annihilate national capabilities of the countries standing against them” (paraphrase). “Dehqan further noted that the third strategy was to eliminate revolutionary capacities in Islamic states and region through attacks on Hezbollah and Gaza Strip. / Islamophobia, Iranophobia and Shiaphobia were on their agenda to pit the Muslim countries against each other and sell arms to these countries, he said.” “The US has made the region insecure to ensure its interests, he said.”

Instead of paying attention and realizing the significance of what’s going on, some activists in the West persisted with chauvinist, even threatening statements against China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Arab and Muslim leaders who always seem to be more “corrupt” or evil than one’s favorite amerikan leader or liberal. And they continued to push settler-friendly one-state Israel-Palestine fantasies, anti-nationalist/anti-state delusions, and notions of amerikan progressive potential that have been disproved countless times. Among them are various phony leftists yapping against the very idea of anti-amerikan international united fronts.

Fast-forward to the Washington Post discussing some Israelis’ openly using alleged secret Soviet ties of Mahmoud Abbas to discredit Russian mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian issue.(7) Nevermind that the PLO openly had ties with the Soviet Union, instances of CIA-KGB cooperation,(8) and that Soviet influence in the late 1980s and early 1990s may have actually hurt Palestine more than it hurt the united $tates or Israel. Whether Abbas’ alleged relationship with Russian intelligence helps or hurts Palestine won’t really matter to some of those trying to have things both ways, who will use the accusation to discredit Palestinian diplomacy in both anti-amerikan and pro-amerikan settings.

The idea that Abbas is to be considered less trustworthy than Obama who openly leads the CIA, and former foreign service boss Clinton who aspires to lead that agency, is a joke. As long as people cling to such illusions about u.$. leadership and the united $tates, resolution of conflicts in the Middle East – which the amerikans have a prime role in creating and sustaining – will be unnecessarily difficult. Amerikan aggression in the Middle East, Africa and Asia will face fewer challenges.

The line here is not that 99% or even a majority of amerikans are oppressed by some 1%. Others spread lies about some impending or future revolution in the united $tates not involving international forces prevailing against amerikans. It is important that people around the world, whether they are socialists or not, recognize the general lack of revolutionary and progressive potential in the united $tates so they can make appropriate political and economic decisions. China and Russia still have majority-exploited working classes; hegemonic united $nakes doesn’t.

People die and are injured unnecessarily while imperialism continues to exist. U.$. dominance is an impediment to advancing against imperialism in general. In terms of 9/11, there should be empathy for the families of the 9/11 dead – but only as humyns. No child died in the buildings. Some children were on the planes, and non-whites(9) and non-amerikans also died, but descriptions of 9/11 as an attack on amerikans belonging to or sharing membership in oppressed groups are misleading. Empathy or sympathy based on the 9/11 dead being “workers” or some other identity – or victims of amerikan and Saudi capitalists as if amerikans weren’t exploiters generally – is reactionary in addition to devaluing the life of those who don’t have the favored identities.

The united $tates generally benefits from violent provocations anywhere. Armed provocations can be inspired by warped views of class struggle being concentrated within the Third World as if overthrowing the local religiously or ideologically impure bourgeoisie took priority over international political struggle, diplomacy, and uniting against the amerikans. The amerikan petty-bourgeoisie is relatedly and commonly seen as needing to be riled up in fascist, populist or false ways. Whether movements like ISIS are directly products of the CIA, or not, the CIA – including both liberals and conservatives who have no problem pragmatically with supporting “left-wing” and militant opposition movements in other countries – is involved in various secular movements and activities undermining international struggle for peace. ◊

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