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Dear Mormons: It is time to let AmeriKKKa go once and for all

May 4, 2016

It seems cruel or too late to say this after Ted Cruz has already dropped out of the u.$. presidential race, but really, what good did all that effort for Cruz do? Many are shocked, but Cruz’s supposed fighting chance was extremely low even before the announcement about ending campaign operations. Mormons aren’t supposed to gamble, but that doesn’t mean one couldn’t have looked at at several points such as February 28, when Cruz was at less than 1% for winning the presidency.(1) It didn’t mean one had to support Trump or Clinton, but when it comes to Amerikan politics sometimes it is better to criticize everyone equally or say nothing at all.

This isn’t just to be provocative. Everyone should be aware of sites like that and not assign too much weight to opinion pieces or so-called analyses that, if taken the wrong way, can distort perception of probabilities. Certainly one shouldn’t have been bullish on Cruz stocks just because one preferred Cruz for the presidency or nomination. Many will be eating their words by November, and many are eating their words now for a reason—not having fully understood, among other things, how Trump was created by liberal anti-Islam warmongering plus Democratic and “leftist” pandering to globally privileged “working-class” and “middle-class” Amerikkkans. Magazines and newspapers publish articles suggesting a non-Democratic election alternative to Trump is possible—still—but talk is cheap. What are people really going to do to take responsibility, that does not involve more pandering to Amerikans? At the time of this writing, it may be that non-Amerikan gamblers are behaving as though there is about a 3% chance of some unnamed individual getting the Republican nomination, but that’s just 3%. Despite the 3% or so, Cruz is now where Kasich and Romney are, 0.1%. (A later check showed odds adding up to more than 99.5%, making all of these neither-Clinton-nor-Trump articles in the media talking about third parties, a year after Clinton and Trump announced their candidacies, even more ridiculous. What people should be contemplating is whether they are going to be for Amerikkka or against it.)

The conscious intention of many in the pro-Cruz crowd was to make Amerikkka look good to the world, to shore up its global image to support u.$. foreign policy and make killing religious people who happen to be Muslim easier (because having a crude or pro-choice white president do it would be too obvious after January 20, 2017). With some others, it seems the point was to put one’s own morality on display just to be seen, including talking about fasting in public (obnoxiously while favoring a certain candidate), and then vote for Trump anyway come November. If the shoe fits, wear it; if it doesn’t, keep reading anyway.

Now people want to talk about likely Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson—after many months of either not doing so or not being earnest about any third-party bid. It is too late. Now Johnson has no chance either thanks to people who spent hundreds of times more effort covering or distancing themselves from Trump to prop up Amerika’s image when Cruz, Kasich and Sanders had little to no chance of winning. Maybe people will learn something because of this. Probably they won’t. Many will vote for Johnson to absolve themselves of “complicity” (for the benefit of self-absorbed mental purity, career, or dating) or talk about being forced to choose a lesser of two evils, while foreign media are observing and reporting to non-Amerikans who end up being confused. Such confusion contributes to supporting or tolerating u.$. actions—or negotiation terms more favorable to the united $tates—that would be supported by the u.$. president regardless of party affiliation or public claims of annoyance with policy norms.

Instead of acting or speaking as a though a vote in November for somebody not Trump or Clinton would prove a lack of complicity to the world, what many should do is admit their responsibility over the decades, such as their responsibility for conniving with sexual and lifestyle liberals against Muslims and atheists in China (whose views of sex and families, despite the now-changed family size policy, are less corrupted by bourgeois or Western atheist ideas than the majority of Amerikan Christians’ views), or their responsibility for colluding with male-chauvinist liberals to center the issue of unwanted pregnancy on what females should or shouldn’t do in regard to pregnancy, rather than on what males should/shouldn’t do. That is, they should admit their responsibility for u.$. culture and policies, including working with evangelicals and liberals to bomb, bully or infiltrate countries often with the justification that people in them weren’t doing or approaching things the Western way. The Western atheist/Christian way.

A church may give more restrictive instruction to males internally, but publicly the situation is different. So many Christian males in Amerika initially balk at abortion but have risky sex with multiple females. They may have abortions to hide unwed pregnancy from their parents and churches. One can be complicit in this because of what is said when the topic of abortion comes up in isolation. It can be a lot easier to talk with random males about abortion than it is to tell them to keep it in their pants or send a clear message about whether or how sexual pleasure for its own sake is a good thing or not. The result is out-of-wedlock births, deadbeat dads, infertility, disease, discord, eating disorders, etc., etc.

Libertarian Gary Johnson has claimed to be “not a social conservative,” but has engaged in warmongering in some contexts including Islamic law. Nonetheless, if there was “a white horse,” Johnson might have been it more so than some others, not somebody who arguably isn’t particularly strong on the U.$. Constitution. Now, however, Johnson has zero chance. It is too obvious now Cruz isn’t the White Horse, but Johnson isn’t the White Horse either. There is no White Horse unless one thinks even Clinton could be it—anybody but Trump—which is absurd. The White Horse Prophecy Mormon non-doctrine was just that according to the Mormon church: non-doctrinal.(2) Some of the things Glenn Beck said or suggested put Beck in danger of misrepresenting the whole religion. Maybe not enough told Beck to quit it before the humiliation came that Beck provoked.

This writer doesn’t purport to teach Mormons things they already know about their religion, but there are connections to be made and others to be abandoned. Glenn Beck, Harry Reid and Mitt Romney are all warmongers who put Amerikan interests before preserving what’s relatively good in other cultures outside the united $tates. Being pro-Amerikan seems built into the religion’s scripture, but that is only to a point. When some of Amerika’s enemies are more moral in family and sexual matters, that is supposed to be a cause for concern. It is hard to understand favoring Amerikan patriotism in particular in 2016. At this time, obeying laws in the united $tates doesn’t mean one has to be patriotic in that country in the way of supporting militarists and warmongers working to spread Amerika’s problems. Not doing so doesn’t mean one has to be a “socialist,” particularly where being a “socialist” in the united $tates means combining bribery, and equality among the highly privileged (or equality among thieves), with war and spying against other countries.

LDS headquarters is located in a cesspool. It purports to be a global church, not just an Amerikan church or a conduit for Amerikan influence, so it would make sense to consider other countries. Even Utah doesn’t compare well with many places in the world. When Mormons were fewer, more vulnerable, and either nonexistent or less established in other countries, defending the Constitution to the hilt made more sense as a minority. Now there are Mormon temples in many countries. It makes less sense to focus on trying, and failing repeatedly, to get some Amerikan majority to support the Constitution. (Fascism can be opposed in other ways.) And, the united $tates today (a country of rich people almost entirely, relative to what’s typical in the world) isn’t the bastion of religious pluralism it might have been at one point. Some of the trends seen in the united $nakes are irreversible. The strong dislike of religion is related to Amerikans’ chauvinism toward the less economically privileged in the world, who are disproportionately religious apart from some non-socialist countries today with both communist and anti-Western legacies. Hope, prayer and herculean effort by themselves aren’t enough. There has to be a basis for a reversal of course in the united $tates, and that basis is missing.

There is religious plurality nominally in the united $tates, but most of the religions are highly influenced there by secular Western culture. There is more homogeneity than one might think. People who support using drones, bombs and assassinations to open up Muslim and atheist countries to Mormon missionaries are mistaken in thinking they are accomplishing something other than threatening to make the family values situation there worse. Muslims are right to reject Mormon missionaries when accepting them in their countries would also mean accepting adultery, pornography, and so on—not particularly among the missionaries/Mormons themselves, but because of what else comes through when anti-Western barriers are removed. (Although, Mormons are indeed right to worry about their own pornography problem in this context and talk about it publicly instead of hiding it from non-Amerikans. Many eighteen- and twenty-year old missionaries may be chaste relative to the average Amerikan, but in other countries that would not be so. That is apart from opening the door to Western culture in general and causing people in other countries to view the united $tates positively and support or go along with the united $tates in international affairs.) No amount of expensive pro-Mormon advertising alongside softcore pornography would change the situation of various things being bundled together and let through. In fact, such advertising confuses non-Amerikans.

Utah recently declared pornography a public health issue.(3) It’s not clear to this writer how raising the issue of pornography access with library Internet connections, or threatening to make adults’ anonymous use of the Internet more difficult, supports the Constitution. But if opposing pornography makes some Mormons less likely to support repression of Christian migrants or wars against Muslims, then so be it. Most pornography will go away when systems of oppression are eliminated. The fact that the Department of Defense may have got out of the business of selling certain kinds of pornography, as mentioned on April 19 in Salt Lake City, doesn’t mean the united $tates isn’t the greatest obstacle to the disappearance of pornography. The CIA literally uses hardcore pornography (in addition to alcohol) as a weapon against the oppressed in countries still defending themselves culturally against Amerikan influence.

Articles on this site may have been a little hard on Mormonism recently, but it is hard to be particularly critical of Mormonism in some respects relative to the Western culture that surrounds it in the West. Mormonism is supposedly still against all sex outside marriage, not just homosexual sex. It doesn’t look good when all of those supposedly not-religious, pro- “sexual revolution” people in Amerika still have some kind of disagreement with homosexuality at least privately. One could argue that if there is going to be sex anyway, it should involve equal pleasure for both people, or that the terms of any exchange involved (births for money, which often happens in actuality if not in intent) should be known in advance and spelt out. But it is better to be wholly against some Reichian notion that everyone medically actualily needs non-reproductive sex, for pleasure, than to support heterosexual premarital sex etc. and oppose homosexual sex selectively. In this, many Mormons seem to diverge from some other Christians in the united $tates, but like Catholics and Protestants are in danger of being influenced too much by secular Western culture when they support various attacks on poor people in predominantly Muslim countries.

Opposing same-sex secular marriage has hurt the Mormon church’s image. It looks like a lesson may or may not have been learned as a result, but the fake or sudden allies of gay people in the Democratic Party and the “Left,” and pro-Amerikan gay rights supporters, supported murdering Muslims, Afghans, and Arabs, who were making progress on homosexuality in their own ways. Now the struggle in those other countries has been set back because of the association with Western bombs, bullets, and bullying. Thanks, two-faced Democrats and two-faced Republicans.

With regard to the abortion issue, abortion rights are packaged with “sexual revolution” ideas and practices or population control, and even among the non-religious who are “pro-choice” there are unwanted pregnancies carried to term. To Western males, making sure there aren’t unwanted pregnancies isn’t as important as being able to get away with having sex without consequences, with their virility intact despite not wanting to take care of children. Things don’t have to be linked that way—most optional legal abortion with adultery, premarital sex, short relationships, cheating, and false ideas about how to address poverty as a society—but they are connected in how they appear to many in the Third World. So there is another area in which Mormons can find an excuse to be unenthusiastic about attacking Muslims who understandably find it necessary to just reject the whole package, or reject Western concepts and approaches. That also means not supporting Democratic warmongers like Hillary Clinton.

There are other areas, like adultery. The point is Mormons have to decide whether going to war with Muslim countries under various pretexts, or continuing u.$. meddling in the Third World, is worth appearing to defend the increasingly pro-adultery culture of the West, pornography, and other things. Those who think they can fasten themselves idolatrously to the united $nakes of Amerika and not experience the consequences of that choice are wrong about that.

At the present time, the sharp edge of the bloated u.$. diplomatic-intelligence-military arsenal is aimed at countries with cultures more religious or restrictive than Amerika’s. That could change decades from now, but it is the situation at the moment. Within Amerikan culture, there are differences. In the united $tates, Mormons are supposedly more numerous than Muslims yet have a religion that simultaneously 1) supposedly holds males to high standards, and 2) supposedly allows of Muslims’ entering heaven without converting them. It is not that Amerikan Mormons are an oppressed group or not exploiters (which Amerikans in general are) of workers in the Third World, but there are literally thousands of “socialists” in the CIA or u.$. government, and various fake communists working with it, who are extremely reactionary or more confused/confusing and find ideological reasons to kill Muslims or threaten them with Tomahawk missiles. They would go to war on a liberal basis or think cooperating with imperialist country intelligence services against militant Muslim poor people, or against pan-Africanism or pan-Arabism, is the frontier of global class struggle. If one speaks only critically of Mormonism and does not allow some Mormons’ potential religious disagreement with u.$. foreign policy/influence, flattering Amerikan atheists and liberals who don’t deserve flattery is an eventual result.

There are only different shades of oppressor and oppressor politics in Amerika. There should be no confusion about this as if liberal atheists were especially progressive in international affairs as a group. They are not. Many liberal atheists in the united $nakes have more reason to attack Third World countries because their own psychotic idea of salvation involves forcing these countries to open themselves more to global pornography (eroticizing Western violence, domination, culture and colonialism) and normalized Western rape culture. It is a reactionary inversion of certain Christian notions that people must have certain leisure-time-related ideas in their head, or practice a certain lifestyle, before they die.

At this time, it seems to many there is something wrong with at least half of the u.$. population, that it cannot be otherwise with Clinton and Trump being the presumptive nominees. Some blame an oligarchy, and certainly the united $tates has elites, but Amerikans are too affluent and privileged to have strong tendencies in favor of real political progress or conserving anything good. Amerikans and non-Amerikans should explore why it is a large majority of Amerikans seem to be an impediment, or worse, and also realize Amerikans don’t do well with undemocratic action generally. Undemocratic action to influence election outcomes can make things worse and should certainly not take the place of countering Amerika’s negative role in international affairs and influence, or not supporting or enabling what Amerikans are trying to do that is likely to make other countries more of an Amerikan colony. ◊

1. “Election Betting Odds by Maxim Lott.” Archived on 2016 February 28.
2. “Church statement on “White Horse Prophecy” and political neutrality,” 2010 January 6.
3. “Anti-Pornography Ceremonial Bills Signing SCR9 and HB155,” 2016 April 19.

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