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AmeriKKKa unmasked: Trump in sight of victory

September 9, 2016

At the time of this writing, Donald Trump’s chance of winning is rapidly changing on and is now in the 70s. Clinton and Trump have flipped in their chances. It appears Trump is going to win. That is going to make this website look bad to some for not supporting Clinton, not singling out Trump as a “fascist” as if only Republicans could be, not regurgitating Democratic talking points just with a different flavor, not supporting get-out-the-vote efforts – not doing things that will contribute to illusions about the U.S. parasitic, settler imperialist entity even if Clinton loses. We always said here there was a chance of a Trump victory. One time out of four, a prediction based on 25% will be wrong, and right three times out of four. Nobody should be too surprised except those who put too much stock into predictions claiming certitude. There was still no reason to assume Clinton would be better than Trump for the world. In fact, the damage that an already-badly-damaged president-elect Trump would do to AmeriKKKa’s image would help the world in economic, diplomatic, political and public opinion struggle against the United $tates.

Liberals and phony leftists stupidly sought to polarize Amerikans on a ideological basis. Trump’s impending victory is a result. Real leftists didn’t try to divide amerikans in that way.

Real leftists weren’t limiting attacks to “the 1%,” elites, Wall Street, corporations, etc., while flattering the amerikan working class and the amerikan “people.” Trump is a product of various non-Republicans’ own making. The attacks on whites and males, without acknowledging national oppression of the Chican@ and New Afrikan nations and without rejecting amerikan gender-related chauvinism and privilege in general, just had a reactionary outcome.

Democrats and phony leftists, how ignorant do you think the world is? As if nobody ever noticed your attacks on Islam over gender/sexual/social issues both during Obama’s presidency and when George W. Bush was in office. And your problems with migrant workers and trade agreements beginning decades ago, if not your stated support for so-called border security. Your comparing China and other oppressed countries to the imperialist united $tates. And your efforts to get more New Afrikans to identify with white workers instead of their separate nationality. Chasing after amerikan workers and other less-rich amerikans, and chasing after parasitic privilege, lead in a certain direction. More non-amerikans need to understand that and act accordingly, not contemplate whether Clinton would have been better.

Most of the stories about how amerikans are so dissatisfied with the choices they have are themselves contributing to a false element in amerikan politics. Amerikans are signaling their support for multiple wars (those Obama already continued or started, or others) and keeping a huge military budget, and all some people can talk about is how hundreds of millions of amerikans are supposedly economic and political victims still, who need more unconventional leaders who will shake things up even more. Of course amerikans are embarrassed, but so are people who pig out at the buffet while homeless people can see through the window.

Some said the revolution would happen immediately if Trump won. How that is supposed to happen in a country where near-pluralities or majorities of people either voted for Trump or don’t take responsibility for their own complicity is anyone’s guess. The world now must prepare to deal blows to the united $nakes in diplomatic and influence spheres, not persist in severe delusions about amerikans or be misled by the role the Democratic Party will soon be playing with less formal control. ◊

“AmeriKKKa elects its next war criminal in chief,” 2016 November.

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