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AmeriKKKa elects its next war criminal in chief

October 8, 2016

AmeriKKKa today elects its next war criminal in chief, mass/serial murderer in chief, deporter in chief, prison state leader, and economic gangster in chief: probably Clinton. Even after all of the leaks related to Clinton, Trump still would be worse for amerika’s global image. Unfavorable views of the Dollar Empire would be a good thing for the world. The world needs to let go of illusions and resist the United $tates for economic reasons and to avoid unnecessary war. Democrats and many Republicans show they are very concerned about how electing Trump would make amerika look. Amerikans in general are concerned about how all of the campaigning, attacks, and the election as a process, has made themselves look in front of various classes in various countries. This is what the beacon of Western democracy looks like? This is the bastion of stability? This is why we should oppose Islamism?

In surveys, many countries don’t show a strong preference for an amerikan candidate overall, but many countries also view Clinton more favorably.(1) That is despite the arguable possibility that Clinton would be worse than Trump in terms of world affairs if there is any difference between them, in spite of all of the Democratic claims to the contrary. Of course, in saying such a thing, there is a risk of looking bad if Trump wins and of making Trump look good as the president-elect. Every so often an article saying a candidate will probably win will appear incorrect though articles like it may be proved correct, in the probabilistic prediction, in the long run. Trump probably won’t win, however. Most of the “progressive” or “radical” criticism of Trump, relative to Clinton, that was supposedly neutral about the major-party nominees will probably have the effect of helping Clinton’s favorability and propping up amerika’s image, which Obama successfully restored after George W. Bush’s presidency. That is the case even if Trump loses only by a small margin.

If Trump wins, there will be riots giving some outside the united $nakes the false impression of a revolutionary uprising. There will be some potential to build movements of the Chican@ and New Afrikan nations. But the immediate cause of riots, the Democratic loss, will draw many closer to the Democratic Party as much of the campaigning against Trump had done.

Whether they are correct or not, some amerikans who vote for Trump will do so to avoid war with Russia. Whether that is their actual reason or not, stated claims of such rationale will have an effect. There are ways in which Trump’s candidacy has likely improved Russia’s global image as Democrats felt was happening, while Clinton’s campaign has hurt Russia’s global image at a time when less amerikan influence and more Russian influence would be useful in the I$raeli-Palestinian issue, for example. Inter-imperialist rivalry still exists, but Russia is not the superpower that it was as part of the Soviet Union. There are more reasons today to oppose the amerikans in particular than there were in the 1970s. Given the united $tates’ hegemonic status and the stalling of socialist revolution throughout the world at present, all of the people equating Russia with the united $tates are delusional. Or they are dishonest and may actually be supporting Clinton as some of those, suggesting the united $tates is no worse than Russia, in fact are doing.

The working class is not going to seize power again in Russia in the near future, and if the so-called working class in the united $nakes seized power, it would be a fascist “revolution.” If socialism were about to come to Russia again or in Muslim countries, favoring Russia over the united $tates in a conflict might make less sense. Russia has a proletariat that could exert influence, though. Its median and minimum wages are fractions of those in the united $tates and most of the other First World countries. The ability and willingness of undocumented migrants from the Third World to vote in the united $tates has probably been exaggerated; even if it hasn’t, there is hardly any proletariat inside u.$. borders to speak of to exert proletarian influence somehow through a presidential election.

Whether Clinton would be worse than Trump for world affairs or not, or the same, Clinton is rhetorically more jingoist than even Obama (before and after November 4, 2008), who in some cases with Clinton started or continued military operations in many Muslim countries, in multiple regions. Clinton spoke of “deplorables” among Trump supporters as if the less-educated, males, whites, workers, or intersections of those, were particularly backward. Instead of thinking that Trump represents exploited workers unlike Wall Street favorite Clinton, or that female, non-white, rich amerikans with graduate degrees are some kind of proletariat or petty-bourgeoisie more progressive than an exploited working class, or that “standing” against racism and sexism by voting in a u.$. presidential election is more important than anything else, one should recognize that Clinton voters and Trump voters are basically all exploiters. Many just receive paychecks and, jointly with amerikans who don’t have to work, exploit workers in other countries. We are seeing the politics of exploiters in the #1 exploiter, oppressor and aggressor on the planet. The real race to the bottom in the united $tates involves flattery of any large group of amerikans as crisis gets worse while blaming relatively small groups, and unfortunately that process of false flattery and pandering also includes the third-party candidates many amerikans have a chance to vote for but won’t pick.

Certain positions about Euro-Amerika (the white nation in the united $tates), u.$. privileged workers, and the patriarchy, may lead some to think those such as this writer would find Clinton’s “deplorables” statement somehow agreeable. Certain feminists are sometimes lumped with “man-haters” despite thinking amerikans are generally oppressors/privileged regardless of gender/sexual identity. The fact of the matter is there is no hate or love here for any group of amerikkkans in particular, which is how strong anti-amerikanism can be maintained and getting caught up in a fascist dynamic or fad avoided. There was always something dangerous about opposing “hillbillies, “rednecks” and “white trash” in particular: whitewashing other amerikan settlers or exploiters, suppressing the collective responsibility movement in the united $tates, and confusing foreign observers, while generating resentment and polarization internally with no revolutionary outcome, only reactionary ones. One should not criticize “hillbillies” just to promote illusions about amerikans living in urban areas, for example. Various groups of amerikans alternate in being more reactionary, or useful for an election, than the others.

Two months ago, it was predicted that Obama’s job approval by “black” Gallup poll respondents would reach 92% again before election day in the united $tates.(2) Unfortunately, it has to be reported that prediction came true. A few weeks ago, the rating reached 95%, a percentage not seen since the end of March, 2013.(3) A week later, it was 92%. As with many things, this isn’t the kind of thing anyone should like to be right about. Of course, there could be bad, reactionary reasons to not approve of the “job” Obama is doing from a number of points of view, but there is no reason the “black” (mostly New Afrikan) rating should be fucking 95% in 2016. At the same time, the “white” ratings in the low 40s during the past couple months, and the female ratings averaging 57% since the beginning of September (less than blacks’ 90%, but greater than males’ 48%), don’t mean Euro-Amerikans and females are more proletarian, revolutionary, or progressive.

Probably, majorities of non-whites will cause Clinton to be elected in some swing states and go on to give Clinton high approval ratings as they did with eir husband. There will be international confusion related to that, but it will be business as usual in amerikan foreign policy and militarism regardless of who wins. That includes impeding Palestinian national reconciliation, keeping popular Palestinian would-be presidential candidate Marwan Barghouti in I$raeli prison, and making Palestinians’ choosing a replacement for Mahmoud Abbas more difficult. ◊

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